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The POTR Players

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Lead Vocals (also acoustic guitar, trombone, flute, backing vocals) - - 3rd POTR - - Favorite Artists: Yes, Marillion, Genesis, Bruce Cockburn, King Crimson, ELP, The Church, Jethro Tull, Beatles, Colin Hay, Pink Floyd, Todd Rundgren

I've been playing music and singing since I can remember. In third grade, I joined the school band on trombone, and also took piano lessons from my aunt who was a piano teacher. I used to sing and play harmonica along with my older brother, and also sing tons of Beatles/Paul McCartney songs together. My brother also got me into prog rock at a young age. Yes, ELP and King Crimson were some that he introduced me to. Picked up Genesis from my 5th grade teacher and never looked back!  Also love singer/songwriter/ guitarist Bruce Cockburn, who inspired me to pick up the guitar.   I love to travel and never plan to stop. Some places I've been include Korea, Israel, England, and Mexico, plus 42 states in the US so far! Plus all the cruise destinations of course! Scandinavia is next! The CTTE experience put me in contact with so many amazing people from around the world, and people who live near me who I never would've met otherwise! It's a life changing experience and apart from the music, it's all about the people! Made a friend for life on one of these and who knows, it could happen again!  Thanks to all those I've played with so far, and those I've yet to play with! Music truly is life, so let's keep it going!  See you at the ranch! :)


Lead Vocals (also backing vocals, percussion) - - 2nd POTR - - Favorite Artists: Rush, Ghost, Billie Eilish, Rihanna, Voyager, Genesis, Tool, Yesn

Singer/songwriter, married to a rocker (Michael Rashas), learning to expand my knowledge of Prog. Vox and perc in the duo Koala Fire Music.


Lead Vocals (also backing vocals, guitar bass, harmonica) - - 2nd POTR - - Favorite Artists: Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, Kansas , Yes and Genesis

Married to fellow proger John Danese. I’m a Medical Laboratory Technologist and mother of 3. Two sons and one daughter. Presently 27, 25 and 17.

John and I have a prog rock cover band and we pay out approximately 4 times a year. It’s a lot of fun playing the music we love.  We’re so grateful for our new prog family. Everyone is so warm and welcoming . We may never make the cruise again but we’re sure glad we went and will be sure not to miss POTR.


Lead Vocals (also backing vocals, acoustic guitar) - - 2nd POTR - - Favorite Artists: Seal, CSN&Y, Ambrosia, Jackson Browne, Yes, Kansas, Joe Jackson, James Taylor, Pat Metheny, Pink Floyd, Spock's Beard, Steely Dan

Once upon a time I had a life. Then I had kids. You know the story. The good news is, my kids turned out to be pretty freakin' awesome, and (surprise!), kids grow up!  So now I find myself in a position to rediscover my Once-Upon-A-Time musical life. To summarize the last (mumble mumble) years, my parents were musicians, but I think I turned out all right anyway. Picked up the guitar at 12, immediately started writing songs. Picked up (well, not LITERALLY) the piano around 16... kept writing and singing, joined a folk-rock band, married the guitar player, we joined a progressive rock band, barely escaped with our lives, started a country covers band (hey, it put me through college!), studied music and started doing our originals in a country rock band... Kids happened. I became a church worship leader, but I got better (don't get me started!)... time passed... kept the kids, didn't keep the guitar player/husband. Learned to laugh again.  My daughter Rachel (scroll down to the keyboard players) just produced my first album, One Day, and my son Vaughan created the cover art. Put those kids to work, I say! And I do the mom thing, helping them to maximize their awesomeness... which is usually pretty easy!  And now I get to play music with you!  It just keeps getting better.


Lead Vocals (also backing vocals, acoustic guitar, mellotron) - - 5th POTR - - Favorite Artists: Carole King, John Denver, Evanescence, Garth Brooks, Carrie Underwood, Depeche Mode

My earliest musical memories were listening to Carole King and John Denver on my parents huge stereo, Big Bands coming through Grandmas radio, and music in Temple. I probably sung before I spoke. I was always singing. My parents indulged me by taking me to my favorite restaurants where I could listen to live music. I sang in choir in Temple, then High School and college choirs. I became a music teacher so I could...that's right...keep singing! I sang to my babies and now I sing to my goats! If something comes up in conversation that can be sung to, I'll sing it! I guess I could say "I sing, therefore I am!"


Lead Vocals/Backing Vocals - - 3rd POTR - Favorite Artists - - Phil Collins, Beatles, Meatloaf, Rush, Genesis, Renaissance, Yes

I am currently a Junior at Montclair State University studying Early Childhood Education, with Musical Theater Minor. I have been singing as long as I can remember. I have performed as both a lead character and ensemble member in High School musicals such as Oliver, Oklahoma & The Wedding Singer.


Lead Vocalist - - 3rd POTR - - Favorite Artists: Marillion, Genesis (Hackett era), King Crimson, Frank Zappa, Depeche Mode, Porcupine Tree, Riverside, Mr Bungles

Music and live shows especially is one of my favorite things in the world!
The emotional and creative connection only music can generate means the world to me, whether I'm on stage or in the audience. I live for the brief moments of eye-contact and shared admiration or hilarity that may occur :D



Lead Vocalist (also backing vocals) - - 1st POTR - - Favorite Artists: No favorites here. There's too many to list.

I took chorus for 5 years because I had a crush on a girl named Lisa Homan. Singing was not my forte. But in 7th grade in the 70's I knew she was my Kryptonite. Make a long story short She liked Tall Dark and Handsome...   I was Mid Height, Pale with Pimply. (she was not interested not in the least) Needless to say didn't sing after that. 24 years later after listening to Michael Buble (Caught in the act concert) I realized He was a baritone/tenor.... As Am I...   For 5 years I have been studying different Vocal types and music. Today I have made a name for myself based on the music I love and the voices that make them great. I love to replicate those artist. I had no idea I was retaining musical knowledge in those early years of chorus....   Thank You, Lisa... wherever you are!!!!


Lead Vocals/Acosutic Guitar (also electric guitar, backing vocals/harmonies) - - 1st POTR - - Favorite Artists: Genesis, Peter Gabriel, Rush, Kansas, Manfred Mann

I played in bands starting at 13, then quit at 27 and started playing golf... got married, moved on to video games. In 2009, all my guitars got stolen, and I couldn't just not own a guitar so I went out and bought a cheap Martin acoustic... Started p[laying open mics and got addicted... soon I got offered gigs doing solo acoustic and as of February 2, 2019, I quit my day job to gig solo acoustic for a living.


Lead Vocals - - 1st POTR - - Favorite Artists: Breaking Benjamin, Shinedown, Evanescence, Twenty One Pilots, Pvris

While I have always enjoyed singing, I didn’t begin my professional career until 2016 when I joined a local cover band, 22N. During my time with them I discovered a passion and talent for performing. In 2018 I took some time off but the stage kept calling me back. I recently joined another local cover band, 7 eighty 9, and I can’t be more thrilled to be back on the scene!! Looking forward to a new and memorable experience at POTR!


Lead Vocals (also bass, drums, guitar, keyboard) - - 5th POTR - - Favorite Artists: John Wetton, UK, Asia, KIng Crimson, Elton John, Roxy Music, Be Bop Deluxe, No Small Children, Dangerous Stranger, Yes, ELP, etc.

I am building a fighting force of extraordinary magnitude. You have my gratitude. I'll need a dozen towels so the boys can take a shower. Less than if, is more than but, why times equals sometimes not. I am a lesbian trapped in a man's body.


Lead & Backing Vocals (also bass/rhythm guitar) - - 5th POTR - - Favorite Artists: Yes, Genesis, The Beatles, King Crimson, UK, ELP, Todd Rundgren, Paul McCartney, Gentle Giant, Echolyn, Lifesigns, Dave Kerzner Band, Kansas, Jethro Tull, Caravan, The Moody Blues

I'm a musician who is getting back into the world of bands and performance after two decades of children/jobs/responsibilities. I've never had a lesson in my life, yet I'm one of those people who can pick up an instrument and 'figure out' how to play songs I've only heard once or twice. I grew up in a home with two older sisters,  As a child I was told I was naturally musically gifted, yet my parents refused to get me lessons or allow me to take any music related courses in school. Instead of being allowed to following my bliss, I entered the working world and have toiled there for many years. Now that I'm older, the music has called me back. I'm primarily a bass player or rhythm guitarist, yet lately I've been primarily singing lead vocals. BIG love to Bill Goldman, Devora Goldman, Ken Slater, Joel Simches, Carolyn Corella, Bob Harris, Suzanne Mulhall and the rest of the POTR FAMILY for encouraging me out of my shell and back on a stage where I belong. Thanks guys!


Lead Vocals (also flute, acoustic guitar, mandolin, keyboards, violin, harmonica, backing vocals) - - 5th POTR - - Favorite Artists: Jethro Tull, Led Zeppelin, Beatles, Pink Floyd

My first forays into music were driving my family crazy learning to play John Denver songs on my guitar. At the same time however, I was also obsessed with The Beatles – playing and singing. And about this same time I was introduced to a new artist – some guy named Jethro Tull. As it turned out it wasn’t a solo artist, but a band. My first memories of Tull were from the “Warchild” album. What fantastic music! It was unlike anything I had ever heard. From that moment on I was hooked. I just couldn’t get enough. Since I was a bit of a shy kid, I didn’t have a whole lot of friends so I spent endless hours listening to and singing along with that album.

Well one day about five years ago now, I found myself unemployed from two jobs as a result of the crash of ’08. It was then that I decided to pick up the guitar again and jump back into music. Then about two months later I bought my first flute. And now today I’m a singer, flautist, acoustic guitarist, and general instrumentalist in two hard rock bands. 


Lead Vocals (also cowbell, keyboards) - - 5th POTR - - Marillion, Lifesigns, Echolyn, October Project, Rush, Genesis, Squeeze, Depeche Mode

My older siblings strongly influenced my musical tastes with their love of Yes, Pink Floyd, CSNY, Jackson Browne, and many others. I started singing in elementary school, took piano and voice lessons in middle and high school and sang in all the choral groups in high school. I became a DJ on Long Island, working in radio and a couple of nightclubs,  Nowadays, you'll find me singing the harmony lines with whatever music is playing. That could be 80's new wave, jazz, or more likely, Marillion, Lifesigns, Rush, Genesis, etc.  I had no idea when I dropped Ed off at a venue in Miami before a 2013 UK show, and commented, “Look, there are your people,” that a year later, we’d be on Cruise to the Edge. There, I soon realized these are OUR people – our prog family. (My hope is that those of you joining us for the first time will have a similar feeling about the friends you’ll meet!)

A year after the 2014 CTTE, missing the late night jams and a long six months until the next Cruise to the Edge, Bill and Devora invited many of us to their ranch to recapture a little bit of the late night magic by having a jam on land. That first year, we played on their front porch! Thank you, Bill and Devora, for everything you do to make the music happen. Love you both!


Lead & Backing Vocals - - 2nd POTR - - Favorite Artist: Yes

Was an artist most of my younger days. Have not been doing it that much the last decade but the Prog on the Ranch and the CTTE has changed that and now I am staying warm and starting to write again. I have been around the industry in many aspects forever. Started performing live at 8. First band at 12. Worked the NY and LA music scene hard for a while.


Lead & Backing Vocals (also drums) - - 4th POTR - - Favorite Artists: Genesis, Kevin Gilbert, Peter Gabriel, Spock's Beard, Toto, Ambrosia, Enchant, Chicago, Saga

Rob serves CTTE's Late Night LIVE Prog Experience as project coordinator and master of ceremonies, working closely with fellow all-volunteer Late Night Production team colleagues and the senior management of Cruise To The Edge's producer On The Blue (OTB). CTTE's Late Night LIVE program is possibly the largest volunteer project in Rob's adult life, which says a lot about the scope of Late Night LIVE. As background, Rob is the artist relations coordinator for global webcast radio station House of Prog ( He also volunteers on ProgStock Music Festival's management team, a New Jersey-based festival. Rob is drummer-vocalist in a classic rock cover band Argyle Bananas, which he founded with his son TJ and local musician friends.  A lifelong music scene fanatic and broadcast buff, Rob began his official work in the music industry as a 13-year-old founder of WMSS-FM, a terrestrial radio station. Launched by junior high school students, WMSS is still in operation today in Middletown, Pennsylvania. Including Cruise To The Edge, Rob and his family have been on more than 24 cruises "of all kinds" including every Moody Blues Cruise since its founding. Rob is thrilled and honored to be a part of CTTE's Late Night LIVE family and encourages everyone to be involved, especially as an active patron in the audience cheering on those who work so hard and offer such talent to the cause.


Lead & Backing Vocals (also, rhythm guitar, flute, sax, bagpipe, whistles, recorders, didgeridoo, harmonica, bodhran, bones, hog-nosed paltry.) - - 1st POTR - - Favorite Artists: Ella Fitzgerald, Pogues, Annie Lennox, Styx, Sia, John Denver, Paul Simon, Linda Ronstadt, Miami Sound, Yes, Little River Band

Story of many notes played, many notes missed, many notes sung, with a whole pile of very cool people.  Super lucky in music, somewhat lucky in profession, ok in physical well-being (getting better every day), so so at drawing, kinda lame in humor, bizarre conviction I am a dancing queen, and total slacker goof at housekeeping.  Some professional titles I have held: Pet sitter/dog walker, massage therapist, admin assist, care giver, videographer/editor/producer of industrial theater, occasional chick pirate, dinosaur roadie, barista/server/short order cook, sales, soap maker, ice cream truck driver, travel agent, farm worker, lead singer/multi-instrumentalist, and the list goes on.

While I am aware that not a soul is likely to read this far, what a blast to write 250 words about myself. No bio has ever been as thorough nor as thoroughly boring and self-aggrandizing. I am excited to meet everyone and embark on some seriously big, in over my head, and enjoyable moments.


Vocalist - - 1st POTR - - Favorite Artists: Heart, Bonnie Raitt, Journey, Dio